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llanoor's Journal
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Date:2013-05-26 00:10
Subject:Food for Functional Fitness
Event type:Sticky

None of the previously post-dated food posts here represent the way I currently eat. They were made during a period where I was cutting weight. For some time now, I've been in a gaining phase instead without updating.

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Date:2021-08-05 10:00

7:40--1/2 C blueberries, 1/2 C Stonyfields Organic vanilla lowfat yogurt, 2/3 C Nature's Path bran
This is such a good breakfast all the time for me.  I sort of wanted something more exciting this morning, but this was actually wonderful--I needn't have worried.

9:58--1 white peach w/ 1 TB cashews
Peach seemed more sour than I would have wanted even though it was really ripe.  Fine overall, of course.

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Date:2021-08-04 08:01

7:40--2 pieces whole grain toast w/ PB and strawberry rhubarb jam
This was good and the answer to a craving I had earlier, but I think I should have had bran cereal given the amount of food I've eaten out lately.

10:30--1 chocolate chip cookie dough Larabar
Good, but I should have had something that wasn't processed, especially since I ended up eating twizzlers later.

1:00--4 twizzlers
I'm thinking of this as an afternoon snack, and then I'll have a late afternoon lunch.  I'm snacky after coming back from eating other people's food.

3:30--spring mix and romaine w/ 2 thickish deli turkey pieces, 1/2 avocado, pear Gorgonzola dressing & 1 TB chocolate chips
I shouldn't have wanted the chocolate chips so soon after, but I'm all out-of-whack today.  I hoped it's just a transition, and then I bounce back into good eating and faithful exercise.

5:30--7 eggplant meatballs w/ Rao's marinara, 1/8 C grated Parm, spring mix
Tasty as usual.

9:10--1 plum, 1 TB walnuts, (later) 4 twizzlers
I shouldn't have had the twizzlers, but the walnuts made me want to end on a sweeter note again.  I need to be better tomorrow, but I think this wasn't the end of the world for a transition-type day.

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Date:2021-06-23 09:12

7:40--2/3 C high fiber cereal w/ 1/2 C almond milk, 1/3 C blueberries
Good as usual, but mostly eaten for the fiber.

9:35--1/2 C goat's milk yogurt w/ 1 TB peach amaretto jam
Good, but maybe too much jam added.

12:40--leftover ratatouille w/ >1/4 C shredded cheese (mix of Mexican blend and habanero) and spring mix w/ 1.5 TB honey mustard yogurt dressing
I added the extra cheese because this was light on protein otherwise.  It was ok, but not really necessary actually.  Maybe too cheesy.

3:50--1 doughnut peach, 1 TB cashews
Very good snack.  The peach was delicious but super miniature.

Eh, ok.  2 healthy, at least.

8:05--5.5 30 calorie pastry twists and 1 spoon Ben & Jerry's chubby hubby
I really wished I was getting more chubby hubby, and now I'm vaguely dissatisfied.  Sad.

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Date:2021-06-22 13:43

7:40--3 whole wheat baguette slices w/ cinnamon apple cream cheese
Ok.  I liked the cream cheese more than the bread, which is saying something.

10:13--1 Wallaby nonfat vanilla bean yogurt
Good flavor.  Also, nice and thick.

12:30--1 piece La Brea whole grain bread w/ almond butter and drizzle buckwheat honey
Afternoon snack before lunch since it just came out of the oven.  This is a good combo, too.  I never think of honey with the nut butters even though it's a natural combination.

2:30--spring mix and mache w/ 1 egg, 0.5 oz goat cheese, 1 tsp sundried tomato bits, >1 TB sesame garlic dressing
Awful, but lunch.

4:40--1/4 C dried apricots
I got sick of these by the end.  Plus, I always worry about a second afternoon snack even though I probably need it to workout well.

7:00--2 homemade shrimp soft tacos w/ avocado, nonfat sour cream, 15 medium shrimp, salsa, black beans, shredded cheese, and 1 low-carb tortilla
Good, but I probably wasn't careful enough with my measures of things except for with transforming 2 tortillas into 1.

9:00--9 tootsie rolls midgies
Fun dessert.  Took a long time to eat.  Good choice, but now my stomach is off a bit.

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Date:2021-06-21 18:10

8:40--whole wheat English muffin w/ cream cheese and plum butter
I ended up taking off some plum butter.  I think this would have been better on regular bread because it would have been easier to focus on the spreads rather than the taste of the English muffin.  English muffins are a better platform for things with butter.

12:30--spinach and mache w/ 1 thin-cut chicken breast, 3 kumquats, 1/4 C edamame, mango coconut habanero dressing
The dressing dominated the other tastes, but it worked overall.  Maybe not filling enough, though, because I wanted 2 afternoon snacks. 

3:00--1 blueberry amande yogurt
I like the texture of the almond milk yogurts so much.  What a nice snack.

4:10--4 30-calorie cinnamon twists
The maple are better, but these were also very good.  They feel very indulgent.  I probably should have had fruit, though.  I thought about having pistachios, and that also might have been a better choice.

5:30--1 1/3 Whole Foods crab cake, 1.5 TB homemade cocktail sauce, steamed green beans with a small drizzle of olive oil
I don't think the olive oil added anything.  The meal was great, though.  Maybe a little creamier than these usually are, but really enjoyable still.

7:45--the chocolate out of 2 medium pieces chocolate sourdough bread, 2 Laura's wholesome junk food bites, 1 bite PB mousse cheesecake
The chocolate bread was supposed to be my dessert, but it was bad.  That threw me off.  The bite was from someone else's dessert, but I didn't need to have it.  I've been tasting other people's things too much lately, I think.

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Date:2021-06-20 19:28

8:40--1 medium piece and 1 heal raisin walnut bread w/ butter
This was very good today, but I wished I had a more plain bread that wasn't an English muffin.  I guess I was ridiculously picky this morning.

11:00--1 banana
Totally perfunctory.

1:30--shrimp scampi w/ asparagus and cauliflower puree, 3 sweet potato fries, 1 small cheddar biscuit
All but the biscuit were really good, and, if I trust the menu's calorie count, surprisingly low cal.  I'm sort of worried that the count isn't right, but it was better than other options. 

3:50--1 pear
I was full, but I ate it pre-workout just in case.  Probably a good decision since I didn't end up feeling pukey.

6:00--leftover French country salad w/ extra 0.5 oz ash goat cheese and 2 TB Whole Foods avocado citrus dressing
The dressing choice wasn't smart, but the salad was good overall.

7:40--4 banana bear cookies
I finished eating these because I hadn't had shortbread in a while, but they weren't a hit with me.  Plus, they were one of the more calorie-rich options I could have chosen, so that kind of sucks.

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Date:2021-06-19 18:39

7:00--1 C Barbara's shredded oats and almond milk
I didn't let this soften up enough, and it's weird for me that I didn't really have any fruit that I thought would add anything else.

11:00--1/4 C dried apricots and 1 TB walnuts
These apricots were so soft; they were excellent!

2:00--Cheesecake Factory 2 pieces brown bread w/ 1/2 pat butter, 1/2 French country salad, 1 bite pina colada cheesecake
The bite of this was good, but I felt guilty given my dinner from last night.

4:30--1 Wallaby strawberry guava yogurt
I was sad I didn't have access to this flavor, and then I tried it and didn't like it.  Ah well.

7:30--2 bites Whole Foods mini cherry pie, 1/2 package animal cookies
I decided the cherry pie was more sour than I'd like it and switched to animal cookies. I really wanted more cookies than I ate, too. I guess it's just been an off day.

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Date:2021-06-18 14:12

7:00--whole wheat English muffin w/ almond butter and 1/2 pear
I ended up scraping a good amount of almond butter off, so I'm not sure how much I ended up with ultimately.  Not enough pear, though, either way.

9:53--1 applesauce
I keep forgetting I have these.

12:00--2 eggs w/ spinach, salsa, 1/4 C Mexican cheese
Too much cheese probably.  I'm not sure that it markedly improved the result.

2:35--1 C vanilla kefir w/ 2 prunes
The flavors worked well together.  I was inspired by Morocco (and dates, really, but hey).

6:00--Father's Day dinner out (1/2? prime rib, 2 bites lamb, broccoli, 2 bacon-wrapped scallops with minimal bbq sauce, salad with ceasar, cucumber, tomato, beets, chickpeas & 1 glass shiraz and 1/2 chocolate mousse cake)
The cake was too much, for sure.  As if everything else wasn't enough.  I actually felt full after the salad and the two scallops.

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Date:2021-06-17 13:29

8:40--2/3 C high fiber cereal w/ 1/2 medium banana and 4 oz. maple sheep's milk yogurt
The weird yogurt measure comes from my guess as to how much there was left in the container after I tried to scoop off all the cream top with the odd texture.  Usually I'm all for cream top, but something was off about this one the last time I ate this yogurt.  I don't want strange tasting lumps to end up mixed in throughout.

12:00--spinach w/ buffalo chicken, cucumber, scallions, chickpeas, tiny bit of Swiss cheese, honey mustard dressing, and a few bites raw beet
I stopped eating the raw beet when it became clear that it didn't taste like anything.  Weird.  Anyway, I didn't finish this.  I was less than wildly impressed with the overall flavors.

2:05--kashi PB bar
The last one.  I didn't buy them originally, and I wouldn't buy them again.  But, I guess the rice krispie thing was what made me eat this the second time.

3:00--1 mini Mrs. Fields PB cookie
I shouldn't have accepted my mother's offer to eat this.  It was decent, but I wouldn't have wanted it otherwise and I can't let her tempt me into bad behavior.

6:40--Paprika chicken dinner from the night before with sauteed spinach
The chicken was dry because microwaving it overcooked it, but healthy certainly.

8:00--1/2 C Ben & Jerry's Boston cream pie flavor
Tasty and not more calories than I often eat for dessert.  A far cry from my decision to have fruit, though.

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Date:2021-06-16 20:20

7:00--same as yesterday
I don't think I'll do this tomorrow.

9:10--1/2 C 0% Greek yogurt w/ 1 TB marionberry jam
I'm not Greek yogurt's biggest fan.

11:20--1 kashi golean chocolate PB bar
Ok, but I wouldn't buy again.  No afternoon snack because of this.

2:00--spinach w/ 2 oz chicken breast, 3 thin slices pear, 1.1 oz mixed smoked cheese and habanero cheddar, honey mustard yogurt dressing
Not bad, but I thought I needed another vegetable (especially a green one).

Maybe less sauce than usual, which was weird.

6:10--1 mini DQ cookie dough blizzard
I somehow managed to pick the worse one for myself I could.  So stupid!  Really, anything else would have been better, I think, after checking the nutrition data.  Plus, too soon after dinner.

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Date:2021-06-15 09:29

9:05--same as yesterday (1 piece raisin walnut sourdough bread w/ butter)
I wanted to have this again because of how tender it was.  The moistness really is good even if the flavor isn't necessarily worth the calories.  I did well in the weight department yesterday, so I'm hoping I'm safe again today.

11:18--1 Wallaby chocolate yogurt
I wasn't really in the mood for this actually, but I couldn't think of anything better at the moment.

1:20--romaine w/ small portion pot roast, 1/8 C chickpeas, low-fat Italian dressing & 1 serving of banana pudding
Better than I have done in the past at this restaurant.  I think it worked out reasonably actually.
ETA: Ok, if I wanted to feel content with my choices, I shouldn't have googled the banana pudding.  How can pudding be that bad for you?  All they had to do was stick with a normal recipe, and it should have been fine.  It's like they went out of their way to screw it up!

7:30--1 C Barbara's shredded oats w/ 1/3 C strawberries and 1/2 C almond milk
This was a dessert in my brain since I didn't feel hungry after I got home from working out surprisingly enough. 

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Date:2021-06-14 09:48

9:30--1 thick piece of raisin walnut bread w/ butter
I thought of this like eating half of a french toast bagel, but now I'm not so sure.  It wasn't as tasty as that anyway.  I somehow lost weight even after the bad food choices of yesterday.  Things don't make sense.

11:47--1 C vanilla kefir
Ok, I'm going to have to use this flavor as a mix-in for cereal or something because it didn't work for me on its own.  I even thought it had a weird smell.

1:45--spinach w/ 2 oz. tuna, 1 poached egg, Dijon and balsamic mixed for dressing, green beans
Not as successful as some other times I've done this.

3:35--1 medium banana w/ 1.5 TB PB
This gave me terrible gas pains all during my workout.  I'm not going that route again.

6:00--1 thin-slice chicken breast (probably about 2 oz.) in Paprika Chicken w/ Chickpeas, Cherry Tomatoes, and Parsley recipe
Fortunately, I didn't like the Greek yogurt dip, so I didn't have to worry about accumulating extra calories there.

8:03--4 Laura's Wholesome Junk Food bites
Good, and I feel better for knowing the specifics of what's in them, etc.  Better than worrying about how badly I'm eating.

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Date:2021-06-13 09:09

8:50--2/3 C high fiber cereal w/ <2/3 C almond milk and 7 small NJ strawberries
I love these strawberries.  They are so much better than their CA counterparts.  I haven't been eating enough fresh fruit the past couple of days, though.  I need to remedy that.  And eat more blueberries.

10:35--1 maple sheep's milk yogurt
I could taste the fat in this, and it was lumpy.  I should have tossed it and started again with something else.

12:48--spinach w/ <1.4 oz chicken breast, cucumber, <1.5 oz smoked horseradish cheese, and 1 TB sesame garlic dressing
This was passable.  I should have used more vegetables and less cheese, though, since I get the feeling that this salad wasn't quite the darling of nutritional value.  I just didn't want tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, or carrots, which is about all I have in stock right now.  They're not green, and I don't need the extra carbs, too.

2:00--1 chocolate PB vitamuffin
I ate this because I was lightheaded when I got up.  I'm worried a little about the extra, of course.

3:30--large slice of sourdough chocolate chunk bread
Mom brought this, and it tasted great.  But, it wasn't good for me, and I should have had the banana pre-workout instead.  Plus, this ruined my ok-ness for dessert.  I really do prefer to backload my day.

5:50--<1.5 oz chicken breast, last night's ratatouille, 1/8 C Parm
Small portion, which I wanted to balance my chocolate bread consumption.

8:10--cinnamon roll w/ cream cheese frosting
I wanted this when it was on offer, but it was definitely not the best choice.  Both chocolate bread and this means I totally negated my workout (probably by a lot).  It's hard to find the balance between satisfying myself and doing something I regret.

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Date:2021-06-12 20:57

8:36--3 very small pieces of whole grain bread w/ pineapple cream cheese (butter and marionberry jam on 1)
I didn't love this cream cheese.

12:00--<1 C raspberry kefir
Good as usual.  The end of this flavor.

2:20--spinach w/ 2 oz chicken breast, 4 kumquats, cucumber, ginger dressing
I didn't finish this, but it was good.  Maybe too much dressing.

4:50--gingerberry kombucha
Not going to be my favorite flavor.

6:00--Monkfish with Ratatouille recipe from Epicurious w/ haddock in place of monkish and 1/8 C Parmesan added
I ended up adding way too much salt to this.  Plus the sauce is salty.  Bound to be water weight even without the apple dumpling for dessert.

7:30--1 apple dumpling (1 bite cinnamon bun substituted for 1 dumpling bite) w/ 1/2 C 2% milk & 1 bite peach bread
I really didn't like the peach bread, so that saves me from eating that.  But, I'm worried that the dumpling should have been split in half.  Plus, the milk got warmed and didn't turn out to be the refreshing contrast I'd been hoping for.

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Date:2021-06-11 09:36

6:50--3 small pieces whole grain bread w/ cream cheese and plum butter
This got me through my workout just fine, and I don't think it was excessive given the size of the bread.  I worry, though, as always.

10:13--1 Wallaby chocolate yogurt
Very good.

11:55--1 TB pistachios w/ 4 prunes
Meant to be a snack until my parents' lunch/dinner deal, which I hate because the timing throws me for the rest of the day.

1:40--Longhorn Steakhouse (crappy iceberg salad w/ usual accompaniments, oil, and vinegar; 7 oz salmon, sauced asparagus)
Probably the healthiest thing available, but not particularly good.  Driving me nuts.

6:00--spring mix w/ 4 anchovies, 0.5 oz smoked horseradish cheese, 2 tsp golden mustard w/ balsamic
I just ate this because I thought it would make me less desperate for dessert.  I'm so bored today except for class this morning.

7:30--1 piece blueberry crumb bread
Very good, but made me want more dessert.

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Date:2021-06-10 09:54

9:35--2 pieces whole grain toast w/ 1 TB TJ's pumpkin butter
The pumpkin butter seemed too sweet on its own, but it was fine.  No change from the sushi last night, which hopefully means good things.

12:05--1 Wallaby mango tangerine yogurt
Better today than I usually think it is.  I miss Whole Foods and its wide variety of yogurt.

1:43--spring mix w/ 10 shrimp, 1/6 tomato, 1 whole foods Parmesan crisp, orange vinegar
The cheese crisp was probably more fat than I realized when I put the salad together.  Plus, I'm still sick of shrimp, for reasons that aren't clear to me.  Oh well.  It was lunch.

3:40--1 organic applesauce
Good, but not filling enough.

6:00--2 beef shortribs w/ 1 TB A-1, green beans, 4 baby carrots, 1/2 of a golden beet
I wasn't wild about this for all the calories.  I needed to used the beets that were going bad, but I ended up thinking they made the beef too sweet.  A wine sauce would have been better.

7:30--4 Laura's Wholesome Junk Food bites
Better than yesterday, yay!

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Date:2021-06-09 08:53

8:40--2/3 C high fiber cereal w/ 1 kiwi, small handful coconut flakes, and almond milk
I don't think the coconut added anything, but this was a good taste combo for this cereal (which doesn't always come out great).

10:40--1 C raspberry kefir
I wanted this very much this morning, and I don't know why.  Anyway, it just occurred to me that I might avoid my mother's osteoporosis if I keep relying on dairy as a snack even though I don't like it with cereal or as a drink by itself.

12:40--spring mix w/ 1/3 C edamame, 1/6 tomato, honey mustard yogurt dressing & 2 light and crisp crackers w/ 1 TB cucumber dill hummus
I'm not sure of the measures since I mostly just eye-balled.  I wouldn't normally have eaten this light, but I didn't want to have a salad with shrimp.  My salad protein woes continued ad nauseam.

3:05--1 banana chocolate vitamuffin
I miss pretzels as a snack.  I should get some healthy ones.

No fried rolls, so that might have been good.

7:45--4 Laura's Wholesome Junkfood Cookies
I remember these being better than they are, but they're still very good.  It's really the texture that makes them.  I like that cookie dough texture.

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Date:2021-06-08 08:21

8:08--2 pieces whole grain bread w/ butter and strawberry rhubarb jam
I think I used too much jam, which is a shame since I actually like a "barely there" coating.  

10:20--1 frozen banana and <1 C 2% milk
I didn't have skim milk available, or I would have used that.  I tend to forget how great this combination turns out.  I should have it as dessert sometimes with different flavorings maybe.  PB or rum extract or some pineapple or caramel sauce?

12:20--spring mix w/ balsamic vinegar & 2 eggs w/ 1/4 avocado, hot salsa, <1/4 C asiago blend cheese
This was pretty good, and I don't think I necessarily got that much fat from the cheese.  I just used my fingers to measure, though, so I could be drastically off on my estimates.  I think I need to buy some tofu for salads because I'm going through major protein-related boredom.

3:30--5 prunes
I was getting too hungry to wait for my pre-gym snack.

4:30--apple w/ 1.5 TB PB
Good, but I hate that it's the second afternoon snack.  That always worries me.  But, I don't love starting to feel sick while I workout either.  It's a tough decision because I can never measure the counter-factual situation.

6:45--chipotle braised chicken w/ 1 serving steamed pureed yellow turnips
This was tasty actually.  The turnip portion was small enough to be ok, I think.  I should have had a green side, though.

8:10--3 hermit cookies
Good, but not what I was looking for.  I really want something Boston Cream Pie themed.

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Date:2021-06-07 08:11

8:05--2/3 C high fiber cereal w/ 2 TB blueberry honey sunflower granola and almond milk
I had been wanting to try this granola since someone else in my house bought it, but it didn't really do much for me actually.  It's always surprising to me how much I feel disappointed by the quality of food that I rule out as too unhealthy when I finally try it.

10:10--1/2 C 1% cottage cheese w/ 5 small strawberries
This wasn't as good as the plums, surprisingly enough.  Anyway, it was fine.

12:20--2/3 whole wheat naan w/ maybe 4 anchovies, spring mix, handful of shredded white cheddar and sprinkle of Parm
Way too salty.  I don't really know how many anchovies I ate because I started picking them off (and they were coming apart).  Seemed like a good idea at the time, though, since my mom was talking about anchovy pizza the other day.  The carbs are more than I'd usually eat for lunch, but I don't have a lot of salad protein options, so this caught my imagination for that reason, too.

2:00--1 medium container papaya
I'm extra hungry today, and I don't know why.  I thought my lunch was more substantial than usual.  By a lot in fact.  But, I was still really hungry for this.

3:40--1 chocolate PB vitamuffin
Pre-workout snack since I didn't think the papaya would be enough.

6:30--7 eggplant meatballs w/ Rao's marinara and probably 1/4 C parm & spring mix w/ sesame garlic dressing
I love these meatballs, although they give me indigestion.  And, I think I added too much of the dressing (which is the most caloric one I have, incidentally).

8:00--6 30-calorie cinnamon swirl cookies that taste like elephant ears
These are a good dessert choice since I can eat so many of them.  And, the taste is definitely a dupe for some crunchy cinnamon pastry items.

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